Hello! I am mr burpo (AKA death_by_penis / dbp) and you may or may not know me from numerous other MySpace bootlegs. Better description later Q


General: thinking and not doing, kicking doors open

Music: industrial, experimental rock, funk metal, idm, jazz, black metal, avantgarde

Movies: action and/or horror movies from the 80s and 90s, bad comedies from the 2000s and 2010s

Vidya: metal gear, minesweeper, 90s fps games

Heroes: Francis E. Dec, Scatman John, Kimberly Kubus, Bing Soy, Reviewbrah, Ross Scott

other profiles

MySpace93: death_by_penis

DameDaNeSpace: death_by_penis

SpaceMy Forever: burpo


Steam: burpo9

obligatory tim myspace

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20/05/2024 18:51:03 Googleplex Googleplex /id/316

i dont have buttcoins but you can borrow my charger is that cool

13/05/2024 17:04:20 burpo burpo /id/140

Brumbpo Tungus

I saw this edited screenshot of a news report and thought it was funny. I then found out that the last name of the kid was actually Burpo, and I thought that was kind of funnier so I stole the name.

12/05/2024 23:32:58 illia illia /id/75

burpo why is ur name burpo

08/05/2024 18:43:00 burpo burpo /id/140

Brumpo Tungus

07/05/2024 22:30:13 staticfanfare staticfanfare /id/267

bur po

03/05/2024 22:13:36 angel angel /id/389

its the hacker syndicate known as chiyo.org

03/05/2024 22:11:04 illia illia /id/75

yes do you like beaufort and bernardo

03/05/2024 03:50:15 illia illia /id/75


28/04/2024 19:25:32 marisa marisa /id/2

you better believe it

28/04/2024 19:24:12 marisa marisa /id/2

Welcome back

01/12/2023 02:23:06 burpo burpo /id/140

I'm going to remake my CSS and have everything look the exact same but it will be built less horribly

19/10/2023 22:41:43 illia illia /id/75


19/10/2023 01:22:54 illia illia /id/75


16/10/2023 13:20:01 Nah Dude Nah Dude /id/32

good to see u dude :)

11/10/2023 17:29:54 smokers beware smokers beware /id/160

hey smokers druaga1 here and today were gonna be installing visopsys plan9 on costco security border defence nuke system

18/08/2023 00:38:38 eswanson eswanson /id/307

you are right i am the shrinker

08/08/2023 23:28:10 arkoon63 arkoon63 /id/326

> I don't know if it's still august 8th where you are but happy birthday


14/07/2023 15:43:58 Googleplex Googleplex /id/316

test 1 \a test 2 /a test 3

10/07/2023 01:52:06 Auran Auran /id/332

ah. yeah no, just barely miss the mark lol

still old enough to be a wiggle tho

07/07/2023 03:57:39 Auran Auran /id/332

i dont get it

05/07/2023 19:27:43 rutabaega rutabaega /id/1

ayo who here still ruta they bagel

02/07/2023 02:24:56 illia illia /id/75


28/06/2023 16:25:47 eswanson eswanson /id/307


28/06/2023 16:24:19 eswanson eswanson /id/307

i can shrink your house

28/06/2023 16:20:22 eswanson eswanson /id/307


27/06/2023 21:25:48 Vase Line Vase Line /id/106

cool profile mang

20/06/2023 15:54:46 marisa marisa /id/2

top 10 juiced up players

18/06/2023 21:38:23 Googleplex Googleplex /id/316

what a <br>illiant practical joke you have played, congratulations good sir

17/06/2023 19:48:27 Googleplex Googleplex /id/316

\n does nothing in comments, do better next time

13/06/2023 20:15:56 captain skeeby captain skeeby /id/11

and there is a chiyo list now, for everyone on the site to add their favorite videos

13/06/2023 20:15:11 captain skeeby captain skeeby /id/11

why, the captain of skeeby of course....!

11/06/2023 20:16:42 Googleplex Googleplex /id/316

> WHY WOULD YOU LIE GRRR i love posting misinformation on the internet, that's why

11/06/2023 20:15:01 Googleplex Googleplex /id/316

> Guys do not look up plex on google worst mistake of my life ever ever ever I almost died it's funny because piracy

11/06/2023 18:33:33 burpo burpo /id/140

debian is very gud for websites

11/06/2023 18:27:04 marisa marisa /id/2

did you know . chiyonet online powered by debian

10/06/2023 16:46:05 cvrsed cvrsed /id/9

i am also a debian lover

10/06/2023 01:51:03 Shoebox Shoebox /id/33


09/06/2023 17:34:59 joe33 joe33 /id/43

i have died by penis thanks

09/06/2023 11:17:56 cvrsed cvrsed /id/9


08/06/2023 23:16:44 rutabaega rutabaega /id/1

awesome song, good to see you're back on chiyo homie

08/06/2023 02:45:53 burpo burpo /id/140

I remember there being a person on this site that had snakefinger and lyapis trubetskoy mp3s on there page and I can't remember who they are but they're cool whoever and wherever they are

07/06/2023 23:55:33 burpo burpo /id/140

OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

31/05/2023 09:14:32 patchouli knowledge patchouli knowledge /id/287


30/06/2022 23:58:41 illia illia /id/75

so do i!

03/05/2022 01:20:19 illia illia /id/75


02/05/2022 23:50:03 burpo burpo /id/140


13/02/2022 03:58:58 staticfanfare staticfanfare /id/267

death by penis, what a way to go out

06/02/2022 19:03:47 illia illia /id/75


29/01/2022 20:13:38 Spamton G. Spamton Spamton G. Spamton /id/253

HAVE [fun] PLAYING [[Platform game developed and published by Virgin Games]]!!! BUT STILL!! MAKE SURE TO CHECK OUT [[Toby Fox]] GAMES!!!!

29/01/2022 18:58:46 Spamton G. Spamton Spamton G. Spamton /id/253


29/01/2022 01:58:39 Spamton G. Spamton Spamton G. Spamton /id/253


28/01/2022 07:25:03 illia illia /id/75

u r cool

25/01/2022 16:12:16 rutabaega rutabaega /id/1

deathbypenis and the eternal christmas... also what song is this?

24/01/2022 20:44:45 anon anon /id/247

i am many things

22/01/2022 12:10:26 Tazara Tazara /id/240

ur comment was traumatizing, i cried so hard my contact fell out :D

19/01/2022 05:33:22 Carny Cadaver Carny Cadaver /id/218


12/01/2022 22:37:49 burpo burpo /id/140


04/12/2021 18:10:01 illia illia /id/75

christmas is coming up so this page is amazing and perfect for this month thank you for preparing early.

11/11/2021 19:11:27 cvrsed cvrsed /id/9


28/10/2021 05:44:43 Harrison Harrison /id/3

life by anus

23/10/2021 03:32:15 illia illia /id/75

omg the comments have hats how cute

20/10/2021 22:24:11 Shoebox Shoebox /id/33

haiiiiiii omg ^^ hiiiiiiiii!!!!

12/10/2021 17:58:38 burpo burpo /id/140

Parallax Scrolling

07/10/2021 20:09:21 burpo burpo /id/140


07/10/2021 18:34:49 rutabaega rutabaega /id/1

Merry Christmas, deathbypenis!

05/10/2021 22:23:30 smokers beware smokers beware /id/160

Thanks And Merry Christmas To You Too

05/10/2021 17:51:21 Richard Stallman Richard Stallman /id/194

hey its me rms

04/10/2021 17:59:32 Jacket Jacket /id/48

ppeee nis - Pres. J

24/09/2021 18:46:43 smokers beware smokers beware /id/160

Happy friday!!

24/09/2021 12:14:49 ark63 ark63 /id/179


15/09/2021 00:57:37 burpo burpo /id/140

Hello everybody!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

15/09/2021 00:24:31 koala71783 koala71783 /id/20

HELLO friend !

14/09/2021 21:46:09 hank.wimbleton hank.wimbleton /id/18

pemnis dickballing onthe mrisaspac! !!!!!!!!!!!!!

12/09/2021 05:35:53 becca becca /id/6

hey i remember you!

11/09/2021 17:51:12 Shoebox Shoebox /id/33

hi friend!!!

11/09/2021 07:50:45 Harrison Harrison /id/3

his name is

10/09/2021 21:08:00 cinnas cinnas /id/139

Thank you for the link <3 Also, hello id number neighbor!

10/09/2021 13:16:20 Vase Line Vase Line /id/106

Slurp slop and slime

10/09/2021 02:21:18 illia illia /id/75

so true

10/09/2021 01:49:46 Split Split /id/65

woah awesome page

10/09/2021 00:43:22 burpo burpo /id/140

It's true!

10/09/2021 00:28:52 rutabaega rutabaega /id/1

can't believe user deathbypenis is twitter verified

09/09/2021 22:34:23 marisa marisa /id/2

PAGE Emnjoyed.

09/09/2021 21:59:08 illia illia /id/75


09/09/2021 20:17:29 burpo burpo /id/140


09/09/2021 19:52:20 toadfish toadfish /id/0

AWESOME PAGE -toadfish

09/09/2021 18:12:39 burpo burpo /id/140

I love following toadfish.

09/09/2021 17:04:28 Vase Line Vase Line /id/106

death by penis

09/09/2021 16:25:38 burpo burpo /id/140